Seeds of the future

Many of the worlds super seeds come from plants that have a long local history. Chia – Salvia hispanica – is a flowering plant of the mint family, native to South and Central America, Mexico, Guatemala, Argentina, Paraguay and Bolivia. There are texts from the 16th century, indicating that the plant was cultivated by the Aztecs.
Now Chia seeds, despite its small size, is regarded as a  super seed that has spread to the Western world due to Its good qualities. Bursting with healthy nutrients. A high content of omega 3 fatty acids. A high content of fiber. A great source of protein. Chia seeds contain more nutritious than most other food products.
How do we cherish super seeds as Chia seeds? They live a dangerous life in the midst of a time where many interests are at stake. Equally strong as the chia seed is – just as vulnerable it is, inter alia, genetic engineering, pesticides etc.

Graphic prints on paper, 297 x 370 cm, 2016
Total artwork consists of 12 graphic prints

Part of an art project in Dome of Visions – See more